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    Katrina may seem shy at first, but with a few dollars in her thong she turns into a wild woman, all with one of the sexiest figures on the planet. If you’re into blondes, Katrina is the babe for you. Katrina is a wild woman once she gets going. Sure, it can take a bit of time for her to get over her shyness but once she does though watch out! She pulls out all the stops to get you excited and to bring a special kind of pleasure to the situation. With her long, flowing blonde mane and sexy body, Katrina is one escort that you will want to hire again and again. Her five-foot six-inch frame curves in all the right places, while her large breasts are perfectly formed and feel great in your hands. Katrina has a dream to be a dancer, so she is in really great shape. She likes to keep herself toned and lean so that she never has to worry about lacking the stamina to do what she wants. She is also very flexible, thanks to her training as a dancer, so be sure to use that to your advantage when you have her join you in a date soon.